Snoopy Musical by Anri

Snoopy Peanuts music box Wall Hanging Musical Yellow Bird Anri – $299.75. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Peanuts musicals are a favorite among collectors. This Anri musical was produced in Italy in 1971 and imported by Schmid. Anri musicals are characterized by their hand-carved wood elements such as the little mushrooms. In perfect condition, this Anri musical would have been sold by now. The music works and all the wooden pieces are there, which are always plusses with Anri musicals. The major flaw with this piece is the faded graphic of Snoopy and Woodstock. Mushrooms could be replaced, musical mechanisms tuned up, but that faded graphic is beyond basic restoration. The tell-tale sign that the graphic is faded is behind the fence. It’s clearly a bright yellow from certain angles. Other flaws might be easier to forgive, but when it’s the one Peanuts element is damaged, it is a huge detriment to its market value.

How much is a Snoopy Musical by Anri worth?

If the faded vintage look is your style, I think this piece is still darling and deserves to have a new life but at a much lower price. It’s tricky to estimate exactly how much someone should spend. In this condition, it’s more a matter of personal preference instead of collector value. If I found this in an antique store for $30-40, I might buy it to enjoy it, but wouldn’t expect to make much, if anything, on resale.

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