Snoopy Classics Trading Cards

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Trading Cards were a hot collectible in the 1990’s. Not just for baseball and sports anymore, everything pop culture was releasing its own set of trading cards. Two series of Peanuts cards were made by ProSport Specialties Inc. The cards would be sold in packs of 10 cards, or you could buy a box of 36 packs. The object was to collect all the cards and find the one extra-special hologram card for each series.

How much are Snoopy Classics Trading Cards worth?

Though not as collectible anymore, Snoopy Classics Trading Cards are still fun to have as each card features a colorful image with a comic strip on the reverse. Expect to pay a couple dollars for an unopened pack and around $40 for an unopened box. Get a good deal at on Peanuts trading cards.

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