Framed Peanuts Vintage Newspaper Comic Strip

Schultz Comic Snoopy Charlie Brown in Colour Vintage Art ….Cat Food – $87. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Vintage newspaper comics have their own aesthetic. The yellowed newsprint, the slightly misaligned color plates, the faded ink can lend a comic strip a certain feel that fits right in with all your older collectibles. Nicely framed and with a mat, I might pay $50 or more for just the right comic strip. However, this comic strip is disgusting looking. The frame is dirty. The comic strip looks spotted. I can’t imagine who would want this in their house in this condition. This listing gets a few things wrong. “Mint Condition” is far from correctly describing this obviously dirty piece. “Signed Schultz” is only right in that Charles Schulz did sign all his artwork, but this piece was obviously not signed in person and the seller doesn’t bother to spell his name correctly.

How much is a Framed Peanuts Vintage Newspaper Comic Strip worth?

Save yourself some money and buy an old Sunday newspaper comic strip for $10 on eBay. You can have it framed to look a lot nicer than this tired and worn example.

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