Snoopy’s Fantastic Automatic Bubble Pipe

Ah, the wonderful world of bubbles! Snoopy’s Fantastic Automatic Bubble Pipe would be a perfect way to make some bubbles, but who wants to take him out of the package? Not me! Find out where I see all these cool things on the full Patreon post.

What I Love – Bubbles, of course! I have fond memories of getting those little plastic jars with a wand in them. The real thrill was a double bubble wand or one of those really big wands. Imagine what life would be like if Snoopy’s Fantastic Automatic Bubble Pipe came into my life! Looking at Amazon for bubble pipes doesn’t bring up any innovations in the world of bubbles, unfortunately, or anything quite like Snoopy bubble pipe.

Snoopy was made by Chemtoy in the late 1970’s. Apparently, Chemtoy was originally a cleaning company that bottled its bubble solution as a kid’s toy in the 1940’s, starting a new favorite past time. Chemtoy also made Snoopy’s Bubble Tub and a Snoopy bubble fun set with a Snoopy head-shaped pan for an over-sized wand.

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