Snoopy at the Crosby Golf Tournament Print

Get out your putters! It’s time for yet another round of Peanuts golf collectibles with a Snoopy at the Crosby Golf Tournament Print. Find out where this item was available, plus all my research, on the full Patreon post.

What I’m Not Crazy About – Golf! It’s lovely illustrations. There’s a lot of humor here. I love a potential bargain of a absolutely rare and maybe the last of its kind piece. But, I had a good long look and said to myself, “Will I actually display this?” I have so much to display, will this get enough enjoyment in my collection? I decided to cast it out to fate and share it with my most loyal of followers. Perhaps they have a worthy wall with which to admire this piece from.

Doing the Research

I might not like golf enough to give it a proper spot in my home, but that doesn’t mean I’m not curious. Golf is very important to Charles Schulz, so this is near and dear to his heart. He’s not making jokes because he’s watched these celebrities on TV. It’s probably actual interactions. Who’s that Ophthalmologist from San Jose? Could be an inside joke about his partner in the first Crosby Celebrity Golf Classic.

Yes, I found the original program from this second annual tournament in 1968. Someone was lucky enough to buy it in 2017 and there aren’t any other photos. Sad. Do write if you find some. One thing to note is this poster says 1968. Just 1968. I do believe this poster is from the second annual tournament. Usually dates don’t match the production year, but in this instance, I think it’s the real deal. If we could prove these poster images matched the inside of the program, maybe we could firm up some details!

Schulz did illustrations many times over the years. The interesting bit I found was this biography he wrote for 1976. I don’t know who that golfer is on the facing page. That’s why I’m not buying this. Not enough interest in golf, just love Peanuts.

The Sports Illustrated connection didn’t turn up anything, unfortunately.

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