Surfing Snoopy Greeting Cards

At first, I wasn’t super interested in this five card lot until I saw one word: pop-up! Pop-up Surfing Snoopy Greeting Cards made by Hallmark? This I gotta see! Find out where I saw this lovely card on our Patron post.

What I love Pop-up! You think you’re just getting a card, but then there’s Snoopy catching a wave inside your card! What’s not to love? The color scheme of this card isn’t the most fetching, but I do like the texture. As for the age of the Surfing Snoopy greeting cards, I’m guessing late 1960’s or into the 1970’s. Perhaps about the same time as Hallmark’s Peanuts pop-up books.

There’s not a lot of data on greeting cards. There were just so many of them and they’re ephemeral, it’s hard to keep track of all the various cards through the years. The best way to date them is to find one with a postmarked envelope, or just look at the subject matter and design.

Another interesting feature of this card is the sentiment. Who sends a card to someone to wish them a good vacation? Seems like Hallmark was trying to create a new greeting card market. It may have fallen flat, since there are five of these unused Surfing Snoopy greeting cards.

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