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“What’s going on here?” says Sally, looking on this group gathered around Snoopy. I don’t think this seller knows what this item is, based on what’s in their listing. Find out where I found this mystery on our exclusive Patreon post. Then, let’s unravel the mystery of this Peanuts Coloring Page. First, this could totally be what the seller thinks it is, a Peanuts Coloring Page. However, there are a few things that make me wonder if they’re wrong.

1. It’s tri-folded, like it was in an envelope.

2. The paper doesn’t look like the typical manilla cheap paper they use for coloring books.

3. It’s not an image you see on collectibles and it doesn’t feel like stock art.

4. Finally, there’s no torn or perforated edge like it’s been taken out of a book. Whether you tear it or cut it with a scissor, I would expect an edge that looks a little damaged.

So, what is it? My suspicion is someone wrote a letter to Charles Schulz and received this back. Unfortunately, there isn’t great documentation of the items sent to fans, but this just seems to point that direction. Perhaps I’m giving it too much thought. Overall, based on the characters in this piece and the shape of Snoopy’s nose, I would guess this piece is from the early 1970’s. If anyone can confirm my suspicion, please let me know at!

What I love about it – I love mysteries! I love finding odd ephemera and saving it from the ravages of time and trash cans. While this might not be of huge historical significance or high value, it’s a Peanuts Treasure that perhaps makes a Peanuts fan ecstatic at its arrival in response to their fan letter. Sometimes you have to take a chance on items to find a rare gem.

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