Second-Hand Snoopy Shirts

Through the magic of the internet, Second-Hand Snoopy Shirts are finally easy to find. Not just any old shirts though. International Second-Hand Snoopy Shirts. Yes, this one is from the Japanese market, made in Bangladesh and shipping from Malaysia. Find out where I found this world traveler on Patreon.

What I Love – I’m too lazy to go through racks and racks of old clothing at thrift stores to find Second-Hand Snoopy Shirts. It’s the needle in a haystack I just don’t have the stamina and time to conquer. If I see something I like, it’s in good condition, I’d totally buy it for my collection. However, people doing the hard work for me and for a fairly reasonable price is more my speed. Not that I’ve bought any yet. There’s a ton of vintage sweatshirts out there on Etsy for around $30-50 each with shipping from the other side of the world. While it’s not a bargain, I can live with the added price for an Asia only market shirt I fall in love with. It will certainly be unique.

The reason I chose this Second-Hand Snoopy Shirt to feature is because I found it interesting and definitely not something you’ll see in the U.S. First, Olaf. We don’t get Daisy Hill Puppies here unless it’s Belle and Snoopy, plus the occasional Spike. Such a shame! Second, it doesn’t look like clip art. A lot of U.S. Shirts can start to look like just a copy and paste job from the character sheets and it gets real boring real fast. Third, appropriate saying. I am getting tired of the sleeping Snoopy shirts, but at least this one’s a little different for once. Plus, it’s something that works with the Peanuts characters and doesn’t seem out of place for them. Fourth, it’s got a nice vintage layout to the design.

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