Snoopy Ride-On Scooter

Taking a chance on this one! After hours of research, I decided to throw my hard earned money at this intriguing Snoopy Ride-On Scooter. However, I have no idea if this is really Snoopy! Take a look at the original listing via our Patreon post.

One of the pitfalls of the site I found it at is that the people listing items might not invest the time an eBay seller might. Listing all the little details or taking good photos of the most important thing on an item might not be obvious. However, info that would definitely tie this item to Snoopy might have led to a bidding war, making me lose out. On the reverse side, I might have saved my money for another day. It’s potluck buying on the internet!

What I Love – If this is a Snoopy knock-off, meant to capitalize on the popularity of Peanuts, he’s a really good likeness! This is classic Snoopy from the 1950’s and early 1960’s. The proportions might be a little off around the neck. However, when you’re creating a toy for a kid to ride on, you probably need a little more artistic license to pull it off. Finally, even if this Snoopy Ride-On Scooter is a knock-off, he’ll look nice among his adopted Snoopy brothers.

What if the Snoopy Ride-On Scooter is the real deal? What if there’s a 1958 United Feature Syndicate Trademark on his belly? That would be AMAZING. A collectible I didn’t even know about turns up on an online auction and I take a gamble on it. Furthermore, it’s a long shot, plus it’s not even mine yet as of this writing.

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