Charles Schulz Autograph

Every collector wants a little piece touched by the artist who brought them their favorite thing. This week, it’s an autographed, print picture that Jerry Clarke doesn’t want anymore. Perhaps you’ll over look that inscription for this piece. Find out where I found this Charles Schulz Autograph on our Patreon post.

What I Love – An interesting image of the Peanuts gang from their early days. I love the fact that it’s a composed piece, not a composite of random characters clipped out and put together. There’s no Sally, so that might put it around 1958-1959. I also like that it has Shermy, Patty and Violet. You don’t really see them much after the mid-1960’s. Finally, Beethoven! I love that he was included in this piece.

According to the listing, they believe this was torn out of a book. I’m not exactly sure which one, and I don’t have the inclination to go through all of them right now. Knowing the book would help date the piece, possibly. This could have been signed in 1999 for all we know. However, no matter when it was signed, it shows a little of the personality of Jerry Clarke that he picked this particular piece.

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