Peanuts in The Brownie Book of Picture-Taking

After years of waiting… I finally got The Brownie Book of Picture-Taking! No, it’s not to improve my photography technique. It’s filled with original Peanuts illustrations and has scary clowns on the front. Find out where to see this vintage Peanuts book on our full Patreon post.

What I Love – A little piece of history. This Kodak book is from 1955, just five years into the reign of Peanuts. This is Charlie Brown and Snoopy’s first baby steps out of the comic strip and into the wide, wide world of merchandising. Charles Schulz viewed Peanuts as a way to sell newspapers. Branching out the characters to sell other products was only natural to him.

The interesting part of this is all the original illustrations. Charlie Brown, Patty, and Lucy take photos of Snoopy, Pigpen, Linus, Shermy, and Violet. This isn’t just some gags Schulz made about picture taking. No, they’re actual illustrations of the copy. “Your camera is like a porthole” is illustrated with Charlie Brown leaning out of a porthole. Collaborative effort went into this book!

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