Snoopy Citizen Clock

I often get people asking where to find something or whether I’ll sell something from my collection. This week, I actually took a moment to see if I could help find this Snoopy Citizen Clock. Surprisingly, I found one quickly. Find out where on the full Patreon post.

The inquirer decided not to buy this particular collectible because of the condition. There is some minor cosmetic wear to the plastic and a missing battery cover. However, the seller did say the clock works, which can be very important. The real question is, should the buyer have gone for it?

Let’s go back in time. Of the 188 listings for Snoopy Citizen Clock I found, only about ten have this particular image, including this variation. The history goes back to 2007 which is thirteen years of listings. It may only capture American listings, but it’s still a very good sample size. This tells us you’d be lucky to find one on eBay every year or so.

When I collect, 99% of the time I’m just looking for something random I might want. However, last week’s Peanuts Kodak book was a good example of a specific item I’m trying to find. That took me so long to find that I forgot when I started looking and kinda forgot it existed at all. When looking for something specific, it might take years and years or just ten minutes. You never know.

When I go antiquing, I never see Peanuts Citizen Clocks. The only Citizen clocks I have are from a collection I bought from California. Some of them have price tags in Japanese Yen. I’ve generally assumed they weren’t sold in the United States, but I could be wrong. They came out in the late 1980’s and I was just learning how a non-digital clock worked, not buying Snoopy clocks. If anyone has more details on their retail area, please let me know!

Buy or Pass? Read my advice and find out why on the full Patreon post.

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