Vintage Snoopy Apron

Snoopy sits contentedly on top a massive tower of junk food. Is he dreaming? A vintage Snoopy apron is always adorned with a fun design. They were made in the early 1980’s from vinyl oilcloth. Find out where I found this pretty pinafore on our Patreon post.

What I love – The designs. Hands-down some of the most fun Peanuts kitchen designs you’ll ever see are on a beautiful vintage Snoopy apron. I’d love to collect them all, but I restrain myself. Maybe someday, I’ll have a comprehensive photo album of their wonderful variety.

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Background on Peanuts Aprons

My guidebooks have no information on these vintage Snoopy aprons. From info I have and educated guesses, I can hopefully fill in some of the blanks. Based on my research, I’ve seen these marked as Determined Productions, and a few unknown manufacturers like Sari Fabrics. They generally seem to be made in England.

As for dating these pieces, we know we can ignore the 1958 and 1965 dates. When determining dates, I like to look at what other products used the same themes. For example, the Determined Productions junk food banks came out in 1982. The colors, typefaces and Snoopy nose shapes all seem consistent with being from around that same era. I’d love to go in-depth on what leads me to these conclusions, but for now, you’ll just have to trace the clues to solve the mystery on your own.

Condition – The vinyl covering helps to keep these generally in pretty decent condition through the years. However, they usually show signs of having been folded in the vinyl. I haven’t been brave enough to try and iron away the folds. Look for aprons without major splotches or damage, plus nice bright colors and minimal yellowing.

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