Snoopy Phone Lamp by AT&T

The AT&T Snoopy Phone is a very iconic Peanuts collectible. If you want a practical collectible for your home, a Snoopy telephone might be a large paperweight for most people these days. Who uses paperweights anymore, either? However, this phone is still very useful as a lamp. Bonus – you can see the Snoopy Phone Lamp working! Find out where I found this vintage phone on our Patreon post.

What I Love – This Snoopy Phone Lamp looks to be in great shape! Still nicely white with a wonderful bright red. Plus, you can’t deny the retro cool of the wonderful faux wood grain on the base! Snoopy’s arm is still attached, which is always a good sign. Luckily, Snoopy still has his original yellow receiver. The phone receiver cord seems to be original and not overly kinked. Plus, it’s a lamp! The lamp is one of the harder phones to find. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t have it’s original lamp shade, but it would probably need replacing anyway.

In my early collecting days, I yearned for years to have this phone in my collection. There was one in a neighboring town, hidden away in an antique store gathering dust. However, it was well over my budget in the $100+ range. Being a kid and not having steady employment meant getting that phone would take a long time. I never did get it. Instead, I found one for just $40 at a car show. Bingo!

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