Peanuts PEZ Dispensers

The world famous PEZ dispenser has featured the Peanuts gang a number of times through the years. The original cast of candy characters started in 1990 and featured Charlie Brown, Lucy, Woodstock and Snoopy. Charlie Brown can be usually found with a smile, but he also comes with a frown or with his tongue out. A rare Woodstock PEZ dispenser features painted feathers on Woodstock’s head.

In 2000, series two of the Peanuts PEZ dispensers were released. The original character heads were redesigned with the addition of Peppermint Patty and Joe Cool. Moving forward to 2015, Pez released a gift set of Charlie Brown, Lucy, Woodstock and Snoopy. Then for Valentine’s Day 2016, Snoopy and Woodstock make another gift set appearance.

Beyond the basic PEZ dispenser, Snoopy, Woodstock, Lucy and Charlie Brown went big with giant 12″ PEZ dispensers. Snoopy and Charlie Brown can be found in a variety of different colors for MLB baseball team fans. If you’re a fan of baseball, keep an eye out for the regular-sized Charlie Brown and Snoopy Pez dispensers in MLB team colors for the Chicago Cubs and the New York Yankees.

For more information on United States based PEZ Dispensers, check the PEZ collector’s corner. Plus, don’t miss this Peanuts PEZ Game that was released in a number of European countries. You can see what I’ve collected in our Peanuts Collection Showcase.

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