Snoopy King PVC Figurine

I’ve found a real head scratcher this week and I hope someone has some answers for me. In this trio of PVC figurines from Spain, I’m focused on the Snoopy King PVC. Find out where I found the Snoopy King PVC Figurine and see more photos on the full Patreon post.

What I See – Obviously, we have a couple of definitely licensed PVC figurines and Snoopy the King. Golfer Snoopy is pretty common for a 1980’s Determined Productions PVC figurine. Boxer Snoopy is a little harder to find. Also, his coloring is different from the usual purple boxer shorts.

Now, I have seen on European sites that these same figures were made by Schleich. I don’t know the history there. Were they all made in the same factory? Or was it completely different production. According to some box displays I have, some were made in China and some, like the Olympics series, were made in Hong Kong. The Olympics PVCs I have I bought from Great Britain and it does have Determined Productions on the box. If anyone can clear up this confusion, please reach out!

Now, let’s get back to the King. Is he a Schleich PVC? Is he even Snoopy? That era of figurine can be a little “off-model”. The small scale, hand-painting and models can just look a little primitive, especially compared to later Comics Spain and Applause PVCs. To me, the King looking a little off isn’t necessarily an indication that he’s not licensed. Unfortunately, there’s no photo of the bottom or listing of exactly what it says on each to help indicate if he’s licensed. It does say “3 Figures of SNOOPY 1986 United Feature brand” which I would hope would mean they all have the same info.

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