You’re in School Now, Charlie Brown Textbook

The dangerous part of the Find of the Week is that some times, I get it first. I’m not supposed to be finding things for me, but it happens. The gem I couldn’t pass up is the You’re in School Now, Charlie Brown Textbook made in 1973 by Holt Basic Reading System. Never heard of it? Neither had I. See more photos of this book on the full Patreon post.

What I Love – Obscurity. If I find a Snoopy plush, figurine or musical I’ve never seen, then it may be interesting. However, a Peanuts textbook? I hadn’t heard of such a thing! Sure, I remember seeing Peanuts comics in textbooks once in a long while, but never something dedicated to Peanuts.

And so the search was on. Was it really something odd, or just a complete miss on my part. I searched and searched and only found one good source: Of course Nat already has this book! Luckily for him, he has other materials to go with the book. I only have the book.

But why buy the book? To share it and study it. isn’t about the photos, so it falls on me. I’ll have to wedge a video into the schedule one of these days so you can experience the book. Is it filled with information? Is it a practical guide to understanding humor? No, it’s just a bunch of school related comic strips. Some of them even undermining the wisdom school is trying to instill in children. After all, Peanuts isn’t by adults for kids. It’s adults pointing out to everyone how little everything has changed since being a kid.

I also kind of love how the title sounds more like a threat than an observation.

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