McDonald’s Snoopy Doll

I almost passed this little guy up. But then, something caught my eye… McDonald’s. These two things, plush and McDonald’s, they don’t go together! But there was much more to the story of this McDonald’s Snoopy Doll. Find out where I found this Christmas critter on Patreon.

What I Love – He’s from Canada, and only $6 shipping?! International shipping can be expensive, but this McDonald’s Snoopy Doll is going for a low, low price. I love me a bargain!

His tag is in French! Not only Canadian, but Quebecois! In high school, I took French. I like things that are out of the ordinary, and also have a little connection to me.

He completes me! I finally figured out by looking at the other listings of the seller exactly what this little guy is. He’s part of a 1993 International McDonald’s Christmas promotion which included Charlie Brown, Lucy and Woodstock, too. They sold them across the world except the United States. I was like, “Hey, I know I have Charlie Brown and Lucy, but I don’t think I ever had Snoopy!” Would this complete my collection? Well…. no. I already have two of these. One of them is from Japan. However, if I was a more specific collector, I’d probably splash out on this McDonald’s Snoopy Doll.

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