Snoopy Astronaut Musical

Snoopy Astronaut stuff – always hot! Especially now with NASA having a birthday and renewing their partnership with Peanuts. There’s more reasons to fall in love with this 1969 Snoopy Astronaut Musical from Schmid beyond marketability. Find out where I found it on Patreon.

What I Love – In general, this Snoopy Astronaut Musical is really fun and I always wanted one as a kid. Astronauts are cool! Finding them was difficult, but eventually I scored one. The internet made it much easier to find them.

I love the kitschy cutout wooden body parts, the bubble helmet, plus including the flight safety bag and the American flag decals. It’s an excellent recreation of a 1969 Peanuts comic strip.

This particular Snoopy Astronaut Musical in great shape overall. All the pieces are there, including the original tag. There aren’t any major problems or missing decals. The only problem is the color. It looks really yellowed. However, it could be lighting or the camera. When buying online, we’re often at the mercy of the photography skills. Amateurs can misrepresent things as not as nice as they really are. Plus, monitors don’t help since everyone’s is set a little different. My guess is he’s a little yellowed, but probably not as dark as represented. I could be wrong!

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