1990’s Peanuts Duffel Bag

Nostalgia at its finest for yours truly! This 1990’s Peanuts Duffel Bag is reasonably priced at just $36, probably not far off from original retail! If you gotta have it, find out where I found it on our Patreon page.

What I Love – I didn’t have this exact Peanuts Duffel Bag, but a similar one. However, it’s very recognizable since I used the bag a lot. It was large and held everything I needed for sleepover parties. I managed to somehow use it, yet not damage it too much, thankfully. You can check it out on our site. It’s the first bag, pink with Joe Cool.

From what I remember and see in the photo, there was a little pouch that came with it. The pouch was made from the same pattern fabric as the side. It has all the character names printed in the Peanuts font. Most likely, that’s missing from this bag, if it did have one.

While I don’t have any background info on this, I can assure you it’s definitely from the 1990’s. Not only my memory of it, but the graphic used. You could hardly get away from this image in the 1990’s.

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