Peanuts French Puzzle by Nathan

It’s time for a lovely day by the pool with this Peanuts French Puzzle by Nathan. These international jetsetters can be found for $24 including shipping. Find out where they’re setting off from on the full Patreon post.

What I Love – Eudora! I love seeing non-standard characters on items. They could have gone for Marcie, but no. They chose the least pool side character of all of Peanuts to join the regulars. Always in a knit cap and long sleeves, Eudora is completely out of place. However, she is keeping cool with an ice cream cone. Perhaps the artist was being inclusive. Not everyone, like me, wants to wear next to nothing to dive into a weird mixture of water and terrible chemicals. She’s my hero! Of course, no one is technically in the water…

I also love the artwork on old puzzles. Who are the artists who get to cobble together all the stock art and create these masterpieces? Throwing in all the stuff they can for a very busy scene, but still pleasant to look at. Plus, creating new elements that blend in with that expressive Schulz line.

Woodstock on a tiny yacht! Wonderful!

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