Snoopy Doghouse Pillow

Something seemingly so ordinary! I found this Snoopy Doghouse Pillow and snapped it up. Find out where I found him, plus all my research, in the full Patreon post.

What gave me pause – Kapok. Forever ago, I wrote an article about a 1967 Snoopy Pillow Doll from Determined Productions filled with kapok. This Snoopy Doghouse Pillow also is filled with kapok and is from the same era as the pillow doll. Yet, I hadn’t seen this pillow before. This same seller has all the Peanuts Pillow Dolls for sale in their original packages, for your reference.

Researching this item is pretty vague. Snoopy Doghouse Pillow is a pretty generic term, plus there’s lots of words for doghouse. I was able to find one other listing online. Researching in my two main collectors guides, I only found a text reference to a pillow that might be this one in Andrea Podley’s book. She lists it as from the early 1970’s. I tried my Pinterest board of old Peanuts catalogs, but didn’t see any pictures of this pillow. Feel free to dig deeper and double check my research! All in all, a seemingly ordinary pillow that’s actually difficult to find. Is it a doll? Is it a pillow? My pillow dolls have all been packed away, so comparing the two will take some additional effort on my part. I didn’t see this listed with the other pillow dolls in catalogs. I’m going with pillow, not doll, for now. It does make me wonder if this was originally meant to be a pillow doll, but was pushed back to a later date.

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