Woodstock Stick-em Up Toy

I’ve been waiting years to find one of these strange toys. Finally, the Woodstock Woodstock Stick-em Up joins my collection. Check out where I finally found one on the full Patreon post, plus more of my research.

What I Love – It’s a weird little toy. What is it really? You’ve got a stick that goes through a fiberboard cone and has a character on the end. The character can tuck into the cone, or swivel around using the stick. Is it like a manual form of a jack-in-the-box? I really have no idea why this toy would be fun.

It’s a difficult to find toy. Obviously, not a lot of other people thought much of this toy. I found a few other examples. Without the bag or some knowledge of Peanuts, there’s no way to know what to call this toy. It’s possible there’s more out there and people just don’t know what to call it to sell it. I have seen just the character portion being sold as a puppet. The toy was the first Peanuts Aviva toy and came out in 1971-1972. There’s at least four different characters: Snoopy, Snoopy Hobo with the dog dish on his head, Snoopy Beaglescout (I think) and Woodstock. Were there more? Only time will tell.

The Woodstock Stick-em Up Toy is in fairly good condition. His head is a styrofoam ball and fiberfill for the other portions. His tail area appears to be missing a feather or something based on the hard glue area there. He probably weathered the years well since no one knew what to do with this odd toy. Best part is his weird feather tuft on his head.

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