Snoopy the Magician Magic Set

Did Snoopy do a disappearing act because I’ve never seen this before. Find out where I found this Snoopy the Magician Magic Set on the full Patreon post.

What I Love – A completely new toy from the 1970’s! I’ve never seen it before. I didn’t know to even set up an eBay search to find one. I was able to find just two while researching. Besides being a new thing, how cool is this toy? All the little bits and bobs go into Snoopy’s body. I don’t know what they all do, but I certainly want to find out. Is it complete? Who cares! Let’s get this to a gal who will share it with the world!

The other interesting thing about it is it’s the Helm Toy Corp. They made the Snoopy-matic camera I featured in last Friday’s Patreon post. Helm also made this Snoopy Wiggle Car. I drove all the way to Pennsylvania to personally pick that toy up. Dedication! (Also, a bunch of model kits in their original cellophane.) I’ve never seen another Snoopy Wiggle Car. I don’t know much about the Snoopy Helm toys since I have no information on them, not even from the guidebooks. So that’s three things I know they made. If there’s more, let me know! Solve this mystery!

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