Vintage Peanuts Cartoon Figures

Peanuts, it speaks to me! Find out where I found this pair of Vintage Peanuts Cartoon Figures on the full Patreon post.

What I Love – This is my life right now. Work is high pressure, so it’s time to bring out the hero and get things done. That doesn’t mean I won’t be crabby. I’ll try not to be, but it’s going to simmer and boil over before the week is done. Allen, my fiancé, is a saint for dealing with me. Or perhaps, it’s his Hero Time!

These paper-mache “Figurescenes” were made by Determined Productions in 1971. Over the years, many of these seem to have deteriorated with flecking paint, fading, nicks and cracks. Finding them in such good condition is difficult these days. Plus, they have a real straight from the comics page feel about them. Plus, that look on Lucy’s face is priceless!

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