Butterfly Originals Peanuts Bags

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What I Love – Butterfly Originals! They made some of the cutest Peanuts stuff ever in the 1980’s. I truly miss the days when you had such variety and imagination going into a Peanuts product. Nowadays, a lot of things feel a little cookie cutter and looking for mass appeal. Butterfly Originals brought a lot of fantasy to the world of Peanuts. That construction site shoe bag is a good example. Linus driving a bulldozer? You never saw that in the comic strip!

My favorite out of these is the bag in the middle, below pool it. The flags paired with Snoopy poses is a fun print. Plus, you get some odd personalities like Captain Snoopy and Pirate Snoopy. I just want to see who’s on the other side!

The shoe bags are perfect for displaying small plushes, like Metlife, on a wall.

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