Snoopy’s Flea Market Friends

My favorite flea market was coming up. A message arrived in my inbox. “Do you want these?” The photos revealed something I had never seen before! Meyercord decals featuring Snoopy for President. I don’t even know what these are. I don’t know what they go for. But Kate gave me a great deal on them! She saved them just for me and I bought them the minute I found her booth. It’s easy to go on the hunt when a green and orange striped vintage umbrella marks the spot!

I had made a connection with Kate the last time I was at the flea market. I bought a couple Peanuts things. We got to talking. Business cards were exchanged. I made sure to follow up, just a quick reminder to send any Snoopy stuff my way. This is the beginning of a great flea market friendship, I hope!

My first stop of the day I picked up the Drummer Snoopy. I snatched him up so quick! With the popularity of the Chef Snoopy version of this toy, I’ve been searching high and low for one. At only $12, I wasn’t going to even quibble with Charlie. No, not Brown! Charlie deals in a lot of character memorabilia and vintage toys. His booth is the perfect starting point for a gal like me. We’ve been flea market friends probably since we started going to this event. Anyway, Charlie gave me Snoopy for just $10. I didn’t even ask for a deal!

The score of the day was Peanuts pinback buttons and mirrors from Butterfly Originals. Not just the American market ones, but also a ton of Japanese market buttons with a little safety pin on the back. I sifted through his basket and picked out 25 choice examples. For just $100, I bought them from the “Man with a million pinbacks!”

The day didn’t end there! Read the full post and see more photos on our Patreon page. Plus, find out where my favorite flea market is!

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