Schroeder Piano Ornament

This Schroeder ornament is probably a familiar sight for many Peanuts Fan Christmas trees. However, he has one glaring difference from all the Schroeders I’ve found. His shirt! Find out where I found it and see more photos on the full Patreon post.

What Captured My Attention – That red shirt with black stripes. I’ve always seen it as yellow with red stripes. It’s not a trick of the eye here, just a different paint scheme.

A few other minor differences…

  • The Red Schroeder has lines at the corners of his mouth, and my Yellow does not. However, after looking at Worthpoint, there are some Yellows that have the mouth lines.
  • Red also has “shoe soles” that look original. This could just be individual painting technique of the factory worker.
  • Red has a slightly different material for the blue cord, but that could be a replacement.
  • Red has a felt bottom, whereas the one pictured has a paper tag bottom. Not sure when the switch from felt to paper was made and if that would be a sign of production year. Or even if these were produced for multiple years.

The Mystery

Is this a repaint? Is this from the factory? Is this a pre-production piece? We may never know unless someone out there has answers. Do share!

Personally, I lean toward pre-production or repaint. At swap meets, I did see someone repainting ornaments from Determined Productions. For instance, making the football player in your favorite team colors. If pre-production, then perhaps the Red paint scheme was scrapped in favor of something easier/quicker to produce.

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