Snoopy Stand-Up Centerpiece

This is one of those week’s where this saying is especially poignant for my day job! I don’t see these Hallmark Snoopy Stand-Up centerpieces very often. Find out where I found these in the full Patreon post.

What I Love – The Peanuts Philosophy! Usually, you think of the sayings of Peanuts on greeting cards, posters, felt pennants and Hallmark plaques. These cardboard stand-ups are a treat! They’re a great display piece for your Snoopy-filled shelves. Plus, they have lovely, bright colors. What’s not to love!

Now, as to what these exactly were marketed as, I’m not exactly sure. Party centerpiece? Desk decor? Greeting card alternative? Perhaps they were just generic item to use as you see fit. As to the age, I’m guessing late 1960’s. The green Woodstocks makes me think this was before a color was really established for him. That would be an interesting rabbit hole to follow – when did Woodstock become yellow? It may be as easy as finding his first Sunday strip in an original newspaper. Later books are no good since they could have changed the originally intended colors. Your research into this anomaly is welcome!

Also, if anyone knows if there’s a secret code hidden in the product numbers on the back of Hallmark items, please let me know!

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