French Snoopy Artist Ornament

It’s never too early for some Christmas ornaments! This French Snoopy Artist Ornament is perfect for year-round displays in your Snoopy room. Find out where I found this gem on the full Patreon article.

What I Love – I fancy myself a bit of an artist, so I’m rather fond of the quintessential artist portrayals. This darling little ornament’s flaws are few and its paintwork looks tres bien! This French artist is part of the International Series of ceramic ornaments made by Determined Productions in 1977. This series is a favorite with collectors for its variety of costumed Snoopys.

These ornaments are very prone to paint flaws. A minor flea bite here and there can be “overlooked”, but a major paint loss is to be avoided for collecting purposes. At the right low-low price, an artist might be able to take a rapidly deteriorating Snoopy, clean him up and set their own paintbrush to work on him.

The other consideration is the label on the bottom. They were either felt or a paper label. The paper labels often get torn off in the secondary market by price tags. Both the felt and paper ones can fall off over time. Personally, if an ornament is in great shape, but the bottom tag is not 100%, I don’t mind. A perfect tag might tip the scales on whether I should be paying high prices, but I certainly won’t pass up a great ornament for a great price just because the tag is worse for the wear.

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