Personalized Snoopy and Woodstock Mirror

Could anything brighten your day more than this mirror? Find out where I found this Personalized Snoopy and Woodstock Mirror on the full Patreon post.

What I Love – This would have been amazing for my room as a little girl! Such joy and happiness in this scene. Snoopy hugging at least 5 birds. A flock of Woodstocks flying about with flowers.

Plus, my name can be on there! And spelled correctly! It was HARD to find things with my name on them. These days, anything is possible with digital technology. I had but a lone keychain, and it wasn’t anywhere near as cool as this beautiful mirror.

Finally, I love the novelty of finding something so wonderful. After all these years, I get bored with Fawcett Crests and Camp Snoopy Glasses. They’re like pasta! Still love them, but crave that interesting, sweet dessert after a special night out meal. Tasty!

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