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Snoopy Pillow Doll

Jack asks, “I recently came into possession of this vintage Snoopy stuffed animal from my grandmother and I was wondering if it had any value. Do you think that you would be able to assist me?”

Thanks for sharing your Grandmother’s treasure with us, Jack! You are now the proud owner of a 1967 Determined Productions Snoopy Pillow Doll. It originally came in a plastic bag with the character name on the front. This doll is one of the first huggable, lovable Snoopy dolls kids could drag around with them. Snoopy is made of cotton with kapok inside. Kapok is fibers from the seed pods a South American, African and Asian tree – just in case you were wondering what was inside.

Mint in the original package, Snoopy would be worth around $35-45. Out of the package, he is worth around $8-15, depending on condition. Based on your photograph, I would say your Snoopy is about Good-Very Good condition. He has a few staining issues, but he seems to be in pretty good shape otherwise. He’s got years of love to give yet. If you try to clean him, I suggest surface treatment only, since using a washing machine might ruin his stuffing.

Snoopy wasn’t the only doll produced. Determined Productions also released Lucy, Linus, Schroeder and, of course, Charlie Brown. Photo below from my collection. View more Determined Productions Dolls…

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