Snoopy Dancing Lunch Kit

So familiar, yet so different! I was ready to snap this oddity up. Then I paused and saw the high shipping from the United Kingdom. However, this Snoopy dancing lunch kit from Thermos is still an interesting find to share. Find out where I found it on the full Patreon post.

What I Love – A plate in a lunch box? What a luxury!

The Thermos flask is the spitting image of one used on our side of the pond, though ours was blue. The shape of this lunch box is also one that was used state side. Plus, this lunch box has the original tag. In a basic Worthpoint search, I was only able to find one other like it. However, that lunch box has the same design but a more rounded box design.

What’s going on here? Obviously, Thermos must have started selling and manufacturing their Peanuts wares in the UK at some point. They probably moved to a Snoopy-centric design because, let’s be honest, it’s what people want. While I’d love to deep dive into the history of Thermos in the UK, let’s leave that for now. Maybe the crowd will have the info we need to complete that part of the tale.

The Worthpoint find is definitely a more 1980’s shape of lunchbox but still continues to use the older Snoopy Dancing design. I find it a little strange that it was used so long. Peanuts characters, especially Snoopy, evolve over time. Little tweaks start to creep in the longer Schulz drew the characters. This design and the nameplate feel very 1970’s to me. Perhaps the UK didn’t have to follow as strict of guidelines.

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