Peanuts Shirt Dress

Surely, this Peanuts Shirt Dress is just a home-made item, I said to myself. But then, I came across another one! Rather than leave my curiosity dangling, I figured I’d bring it up to my Super Peanuts Fans. Find out where I found these lovely items in the full Patreon post.

What I love – Vintage clothes. I love them, but usually can’t wear them. Thankfully, it help keeps my budget in check. Both these pieces have their flaws. I would definitely go for the featured shorter version as it seems to have the least amount of damage. Also, I’m not exactly sure what you’d call this garment, so feel free to let me know in the comments. It definitely seems like at home only attire.

Looking Closer

Are these hand-made or are they mass-produced? The fabric is definitely best known for being vintage Peanuts bedding available in adult bed sizes. However, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a line of clothing to match. On the flip side, I have seen bolts of cloth matching some vintage Peanuts bedding from this era. Was it available to the consumers directly? I’d love to know!

Looking at the garments, there are a lot of similarities. The style is obviously a big one. The sleeves, the collar, even the pockets are all really similar. Little differences like the exact style of the collar make me wonder if it’s just coincidence. The buttons may have been changed on the long garment, but there is one button that seems to match between the two garments. There are also some construction differences between the two like the button holes and the blind hem on the facing of the shirt opening that also point to not being produced by the same process.

It’s those pockets that really made me write this article though. The common detail of the green trim stands out to me. What are the chances? But I always pull myself back and tell myself it was just the style back then. Next step would be to scour old catalogs to see if there’s evidence of a mass-produced Peanuts robe, or some memories from our long-time Peanuts fans.

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