Snoopy “Vintage” Handkerchief

I saw this piece and thought I had discovered something amazing. I was not going to pass up this vintage loveliness! Luckily, I took a closer look. Find out where I found this Snoopy “Vintage” Handkerchief on the full Patreon post.

You know me… always on the hunt for rare vintage Peanuts pieces from the 1960s and 1970s that even I haven’t seen before. I saw this with the dancing Flying Aces and thought this was an undiscovered gem from Hallmark in the 1960’s. I could not be more wrong!

My collection is laser focused on American collectibles. I mean sure, it’s one of those crappy laser pens from Harbor Freight that doesn’t really make a good point unless it’s 2 feet away from the target. Still, I try and focus. As much as I love stuff from around the world, I don’t have an endless closet space or bottomless wallet. That’s why I didn’t pick up immediately on this international product in a Peanuts vintage style.

Luckily, modern vintage pieces tend to be very good at pointing out they’re not new. This one has a tag that says 2010 Vintage Peanuts. Plus, for extra good measure, it’s printed on the item with 2011 Peanuts Worldwide. Thank goodness for Peanuts collectors that we have this clarity around these products!

While the listing doesn’t give us a lot of info on the piece, there is some Kanji on it. I believe it’s a Japanese piece based on the fact soooo much stuff comes out of Japan. I can only read two of the four characters and it doesn’t tell me much. It says “Tanaka” which just seems to be a name. Could it be the original owner embroidering their name on it? Or an artist badge? Brand name? I don’t really know. That’s a search for a day with less to do.

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