Lucy and Charlie Brown Dolls

Kids toys are tricky to find in original condition. Unless an item has been left in its box since the beginning, a toy is going to show some signs of play. Missing pieces are all too common, especially with clothed dolls. These Lucy and Charlie Brown Dolls still have their original clothing from 1976. Amazing! The dolls were produced by Determined Productions and a Snoopy doll was also available. Plus, playsets and additional outfits could be purchased separately. Find out where the pair was found on our exclusive Patreon post.

What I Love About Them – They’ve got character! Unlike most figurines, these Lucy and Charlie Brown Dolls can be posed. You can dress them up, give them something to hold, have a little fun! From a collecting standpoint, they’re in wonderful condition and include their original clothing. It’s common to find these dolls with different clothes or missing them entirely. They have their condition issues, like scuffs and Lucy’s discolored shoes. The scuffs could be cleaned up and the clothing hand-washed (each piece separately!). Lucy’s shoes can’t be helped, but it is a common issue with these dolls.

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