Flying Ace Snoopy Centerpiece by Hallmark

Snoopy’s in for a wild party of root beer and pizza! This late 1960’s Flying Ace Snoopy Centerpiece by Hallmark doesn’t look like he’s been invited to a party yet. Though his white doghouse shows some signs of age like the yellowed foxing on the edges, he looks to be in wonderful shape for such an old piece of ephemera. Hallmark made a variety of these foldable paper displays up through the 1980’s. Also, some of them have matching party supplies including napkins, cups, table clothes and plates. Get the party started by finding out where I found this in our exclusive Patreon post.

What I Love – Vintage Hallmark goodies always have a place in my heart, especially when they’re Peanuts! Centerpieces are wonderful finds for any collection. With a little assembly, the bits of paper, and sometimes honeycombed tissue, fold out into a neat holiday display. A Snoopy centerpiece by Hallmark has a wonderful presence whether on a table, shelf or mantelpiece. When the holiday is over, they fold up into a compact envelope, just awaiting the next occasion. If you don’t have much room for your collection, centerpieces are a great way to have larger display pieces for small storage and quick portability.

Centerpieces used to be a lot easier to find. You’d spy a couple at a rummage sale for a couple bucks or less each. However, those old cubby holes and mammoth buffets have been cleared out for a long time now making gems like these rarer finds. The envelope is EXTREMELY important as an integral part of the piece. The lovely artwork on the front, plus the instructions on the back make a Snoopy centerpiece by Hallmark worth buying. Without the envelope, it’s hard to know if you have all the pieces and it’s also easier to lose items like strings and Woodstocks.

Explore more vintage Peanuts Hallmark Centerpieces in our online Peanuts collection. I distinctly remember picking up the Snoopy with a Kite centerpiece just a block away from my childhood home at a rummage sale. A happy find for just pocket change!

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