Home-made Charlie Brown Lamp

Usually when I find home-made things they’re not made from licensed collectibles! Find out where this Home-made Charlie Brown lamp turned up in our full Patreon post.

What I Love – I just think it’s really odd and who doesn’t want to share an oddity once in a while. A Charlie Brown and Snoopy trashcan topped with a Charlie Brown thermos. Who thought of this? Why did they make it? Is it also a kind of side table? What kind of lamp shade did it have? So many questions! My guess, some one’s shop class creation. Those oval wood cutouts seem to match the garbage can shape too close to just be off the rack stuff.

Creators from the past also seem to make a lot of lamps out of Peanuts things. What is up with that? Perhaps it was some craze I’m too young to have known about. If you’ve made a weird Peanuts lamp, be sure to email me a photo at info@collectpeanuts.com.

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