Pilot Snoopy Doghouse Wooden Musical

Usually, I try and find bargains. This is not one of them. This is a pristine example of a classic Schmid musical. Find out where I found this Pilot Snoopy Doghouse Wooden Musical on the full Patreon article.

What I Love – As a collector, I’m always trying to have the best example of something. No nicks, scratches, rips, holes, discoloration or missing pieces. It can be difficult! This Flying Ace musical is in AMAZING condition. It’s so bright and looks completely fresh and new. There is one concerning spot on Snoopy’s right foot that bears looking at closer. Plus, Snoopy’s nose isn’t quite bright white. Those little things aside, for a vintage musical from 1971, you can forgive those tiny flaws. The only piece missing is the box, but those are near impossible to find and might double the price. It’s a lovely box when you can find one.

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