Charles Schulz United Way Tab Button

After a long day at the flea market, we’re making our way through one of our last barns. All day long, I’ve been checking the cases dealers use to display their littlest jewelry and knick-knacks. I don’t usually check them unless it’s something obviously cartoon character-filled. Today was different and it finally paid off. The Mystery Angel was staring back at me. At just one inch tall, this little tab button could have easily been passed over. Restraining my excitement I ask the dealer how much this little guy is. Just $2. Ok! What a deal!

Who is this Mystery Angel? He obviously bears a strong resemblance to Peanuts characters. However, in the three pieces I’ve bought and any others I’ve seen online, there’s no signature or mention of Schulz. Sometimes he’s holding a torch. Sometimes he holds nothing at all. This time he’s got a feather.

Through some research and other people’s memories, we’ve determined at least that this is a United Way giveaway. After lots of Google searches, nothing definitive came up to tie Schulz to this United Way Angel.

Solving the Mystery of the Schulz United Way Tab Button

Thankfully, finding this tiny tab button sparked my interest in this mystery again. I’ve finally solved the mystery of the Schulz United Way Tab Button!

The answer is YES! We have the best proof ever – print. The Schulz Museum has a Time Magazine ad featuring the little angel and attributes it to Schulz. No signature, but I’ll take it! The ad is from 1969. However, the partnership goes back even further! Also in the archives is the “Little Good Guy” award from 1963.

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