Snoopy Skediddler

At just $100, this is a great toy to add to your Peanuts collection! The Snoopy Skediddler and his Sopwith Camel by Mattel is a work of art and engineering. Find out where I found this vintage gem on our Patreon page.

What I Love – The case unfolds to reveal Charlie Brown’s neighborhood. The baseball field and Snoopy’s doghouse are printed in bright, watercolor-style illustrations on the inside. Snoopy’s bi-plane also unfolds from its position in the center of the case. The plane can be unsnapped from the case to fly over the neighborhood. The Snoopy Skediddler nestles inside the plane.

For a simple toy, there’s a lot going on with this piece, and a lot that could be missing. The case’s handle and latch are still present and working. The plane has its full propeller, wings, wheels and tail. As for Snoopy, he still has his signature scarf, aviator hat and goggles. Finally, the most important piece – the Skediddle. There’s a blue piece of plastic that comes out of Snoopy’s back. You hold it to make him walk.

The Snoopy Skediddler and his Sopwith Camel is a pop-up toy with great graphics, compact storage and ready for imagination.

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