Peanuts Happy Meal Promo Sign

Throwback! I was just nine when Grandma took me to McDonald’s and I asked for a Happy Meal. Snoopy was my new treasure. A Peanuts Happy Meal Promo Sign just like this starred down at us from the back-lit menu. Find out where I found this vintage Peanuts McDonald’s sign on the full Patreon post.

What I Love – A bit of nostalgia. When you visit a McDonald’s these days, you don’t see these types of translite signs anymore. They have TV screens that change half-way through reading them and leaving you wondering where the dollar menu is. Ah, for the days when menus would just be there and not constantly changing!

Store displays are tricky to get. Lots of them probably existed, but many were probably destroyed. Anyone can pick up a toy, a box, or a tray liner. However, getting someone to not only agree to give you the signage or toy display is tricky. Then, hopefully they actually follow through and deliver can be even harder. It’s all about knowing the right person, or just finding one on eBay and paying for it.

If you’re a Peanuts McDonald’s collector and handy with a bit of wood, you might be able to DIY a super cool, back-lit display with some LED lights for your collection. Some unique to really set the stage for your collection!

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