Hasbro Snoopy Jack-in-the-Box

A classic toy from someone else’s childhood, it’s the Hasbro Snoopy Jack-in-the-Box! Find out where I found this example on the full Patreon post.

What I Love – Turning that classic jack-in-the-box on its side! Instead of a puppet-like creature shooting out of a trap door on top of the toy, Snoopy pops out the front of his doghouse like a normal dog. Plus, you’ve got Woodstock popping up for double the fun! It’s a wonderful twist on an old classic.

And then the supposed easy to write find-of-the-week turns into a rabbit hole that needs a bit of research.

The original Snoopy Jack-in-the-Box (of this style) was made by Romper Room in 1979. While I don’t have details on the Hasbro model, I assume it was sometime before 1984 when a new version of the classic Jack-in-the-Box was released. Hasbro owned the Romper Room brand, including the Romper Room TV Show. Yet another classic from someone else’s childhood, I don’t remember this TV show at all and didn’t know there was a connection to the Hasbro toy line. Now, the TV show came under fire for using the show to peddle toys to kids. My theory was Hasbro Preschool was used simultaneously with the Romper Room brand in markets that either did or didn’t have the Romper Room show. Either the Romper Room brand name would help to sell in certain markets, or they wanted to be compliant with TV standards in Romper Room TV markets to distance the show from the toys. Do you have any theories? There’s more research to cover in the full Patreon post.

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