Belle Fashion Dress-Up Doll

Double Bonus! Not only a Belle Fashion Dress-Up Doll still in her original packaging, but her wonderful Show ‘N Go House. This pair was made by Knickerbocker in 1982. Find out where I found this beauty on our exclusive Patreon post.

What I Love – As a girl who grew up in the 1980’s, Barbie was all the rage. I had her silver Corvette, her pastel scooter, but no Dream House, alas. Belle is certainly trying to compete with Barbie’s vast empire. The Belle Fashion Dress-Up Doll has a variety of super cute outfits with matching outfits for Snoopy. This is no doubt a big reason everyone thinks Snoopy is Belle’s boyfriend. After all, where’s Barbie without her boyfriend Ken?

For all those outfits, any fashion doll always needs a handy storage box to keep all the little shoes from disappearing. Belle and Snoopy are no exception and have two shades of blue to choose from. This is the light blue version. The wonderful thing about this box is it not only holds dolls and accessories, it doubles as a backdrop to the stories kids will tell while playing with their dolls. Plus, this box is made of a nice sturdy plastic that looks a whole lot more rugged than my vinyl-covered cardboard Barbie case. What a fantastic toy!

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