$10,000 Gold Snoopy Bank?!

This goes live on April Fools Day, but is not a joke! Find out more about this $10,000 Gold Snoopy Bank on the full Patreon post.

Imagine my surprise when I looked through this vintage catalog on eBay and saw the price of this gold Snoopy bank on the back cover. Am I reading that right? Is this $10,000? How much without the custom made beard and hat? Also of note in this 1978 American Express catalog, a $25 Snoopy Chef cookie jar and the off-topic $12,500 “Dynamic Disco System.”

How did I find this – My research from time to time leads me to looking through eBay listings at old catalogs. I save what I find to Pinterest for possible future reference. I can’t possibly buy every old catalog with Peanuts products in it. This one is slightly tempting for the tantalizing back page.

Not only is there an 18k gold Snoopy bank, there’s also a Sterling Silver Snoopy for $1,000. A gold Snoopy in a sea of silver Snoopy banks might be easy to spot. But the rare Sterling Silver? Not sure how to spot that one. The common silver plate banks from Leonard Silver are prone to lots of tarnishing. Sterling Silver also tarnishes. There should be hallmarks on the sterling silver bank if it truly is sterling silver. Check out my deep dive into gold prices and bank weights in the full Patreon post.

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