Snoopy Snap-tite Advertisement

Free puppies! Sign me up! This 1971 Monogram Mattel ad was giving away puppies, transistor radios and a Snoopy poster in their sweepstakes. Find out where I found it and see more photos on the full Patreon post.

What I love – A tidbit from history. The physical ad is secondary to the information in the ad. The real thing I’m interested in is the “Special Limited Number Edition Snoopy Poster.” 1000 of these were given away. “A real collector’s item.” Yes!

What is this poster? Is there a Snoopy Monogram Mattel poster out there? Are they numbered? So many questions, no answers. My online search found nothing. Anyone with info, please reach out.

What if the poster isn’t a Monogram model kit poster? Movie poster? A Boy Named Charlie Brown came out in 1969, which would be a little out-of-date by 1971. Snoopy Come Home would come out until August 1972, which seems a little too far after a 1971 contest. Hallmark poster? Maybe? Everyone keep your eyes open for this real collector’s item!

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