Snoopy on Doghouse Musical Bank

There’s doghouse banks, and then there’s THIS doghouse bank! I usually like to space things out and not do almost the same thing two weeks in a row. However, this $60 deal on Snoopy on Doghouse Musical Bank might not last long. Find out where I get my deals on the full Patreon post.

What I Love – Wooden representations of Snoopy. It’s not easy creating wooden pieces again and again in Snoopy’s shape I suspect. A mix of flat and sculpted pieces, mixed with paint and fabric create a darling portrayal of Snoopy. Woodstock is hilarious! He’s inside the doghouse and he’s just a flat piece of wood cut into a bird shape with painted lines. Very off model, but still cute.

The entire concept of this 1971 Snoopy on Doghouse Musical Bank made by Schmid is also amazing. Push Snoopy’s tail and the magic begins. The music plays. The doghouse door opens. Woodstock comes out and awaits your deposit on Snoopy’s dog dish. Where does the money go? Not a high-interest account for your retirement. You’ve already experienced all the interest this musical bank has. Feel free to give it another whirl and listen to “Raindrops keep falling on my head”.

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