Snoopy on a Tent Sleeping Bag

Who needs a snuggie when you can just curl up in a sleeping bag! Find out where I found this Snoopy on a Tent Sleeping Bag and see more photos on the full Patreon post.

What I Love – The tent has a pocket! On just one side, there is a flap of fabric creating the perfect pocket for a Snoopy plush. Is this original? Is this an addition by the original owner? Either way, I love it! This isn’t a sleeping bag I’ve noticed before and a quick search doesn’t reveal another one.

Based on the fabrics this uses, I’m guessing this sleeping bag is from the late 1970’s, early 1980’s. I love sleeping bags and have quite a few in my collection. This seems to be from the same era as the Rainbow sleeping bag I picked up in July.

What I Don’t Love – The redraw. Smoothing out the line work makes Snoopy look off. At first, I actually thought this might be a knock-off. I took a second look because of the typeface of Snoopy. That part looked right for the area this seemed to be from. Plus, there is a Schulz signature under the grass, which is a detail usually left out for knock-offs. Finally, the photo of the tag confirmed this is really a Peanuts item. Why the characters were redrawn is beyond me! Perhaps this image is taken from some other item?

Finally, sleeping bags take up a lot of room. I love them, but hate storing them!

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