Snoopy Nest Egg? Collectible Investments

The dream of a brighter future always starts with a small investment. But where should you put those dollars? You may hope to merge your love of Peanuts with your dreams of a secure retirement, but you might want to rethink that strategy. Collecting is fun. It can pay off big time. However, it takes luck and hard work to get there.

Investing in Collectibles Considerations

The Collectibles Market

Tastes change. Antique stores are filled with knick-knacks, furniture, artwork and all manner of things that people just really don’t want. But what’s in vogue now might be passé in ten years. We don’t know how attitudes towards collecting, cartoon characters, and the Peanuts comic strips will change through the years.


Holding onto digital currency for 20 years – EASY! Just don’t forget your password. Holding on to physical collectibles through the years can be a little harder. Keep your collectibles safe from the ravages of sunlight, water, bugs, and even air. Moving your collection from home to home can also complicate matters.


Finally, the inevitable. You’ve held on to these precious items for years. Now it’s time for the big payday. You just need to sell everything. Selling piece by piece can net you the biggest return, but it takes a lot of time and energy. Take a shortcut by selling it all through a dealer or an auction house, but they’ll take a cut of the earnings.

Collect for You

Collecting should be enjoyable. A passion to share with friends and family. A way to connect with other people and see the world. Collect what you love and you’ll never be disappointed with the outcome!

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