Snoopy Joe Cool Phone by ACL

The 1990’s called. They have a Snoopy Joe Cool Phone by ACL for you! Find out where I found this telephone on the full Patreon post.

What I Love – How terrible this phone must be to use! Imagine those many hours as a teenager in the 1990’s spent on the phone with friends. I would certainly spent less time if it meant cradling this wedge under my head. Cute concept though and may build muscles.

I love novelty phones! Someone had to say “How do we sell them something they really want, but already have in perfectly good working order?” I don’t collect them, but I did find this website full of novelty phones. There is even a section on ACL phones. According to the site, all of the ACL phones seem to be from the year 2000? However, there are eleven Snoopy phones of various designs. That’s a lot for one year, even if it is the 50th Anniversary. I suspect a world wide release based on the fact the three available are from Greece and Canada. It’s not great research, I know, but there’s nothing out there. Also the “Phonelife” Logo looks like the worst kind of 1990’s logo to me, so that is also another good indicator of age.

Overall, it’s a cute phone. Joe Cool is very good, while Woodstock is a little awkward. I like how they added some details to the sign. Not sure what’s up with the sideways Exit sign though. The dimensionality of the whole piece is nice with the texture of the brick and concrete.

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